Asthma & Allergy Doctors near Marion, MS

Living with asthma or allergies is never pleasant. You have to make sure you’ve got your medication in stock and with you in case you need them, and you have to rearrange your life to avoid the things that could trigger an attack.

With a diagnosis and targeted treatment plan from a skilled allergy or asthma doctor, you can get your life back.

At MSAAC, our team of professionals works only with allergy and asthma patients, allowing us to fully understand your individual needs and help you feel better.

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Asthma Treatment near Marion, MS

Coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing may feel as if they’re part of your daily life.

But with the team at MSAAC behind you, they don’t have to be!

Our team of asthma doctors are dedicated to finding the best course of treatment for every patient’s asthma, giving you a freedom you may not have had before. We use all the tools at our disposal to diagnose your asthma, looking for anything that could be helpful in developing a treatment plan.

Some of the options available for your treatment plan include:

  • Staying up-to-date on immunizations for influenza and pneumonia

  • Identifying and avoiding possible triggers

  • Taking daily asthma medications

  • Carrying a rescue inhaler with you

  • Regular use of a nebulizer

  • Losing weight

Although your asthma isn’t a curable condition, it is one that can be well-managed with fewer and less severe attacks when you work with a team of experienced doctors.

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Allergy Doctors near Marion, MS

Allergies can be complicated.

You may think you’re allergic to one substance when, really, you’re having a reaction to something else entirely.

The first step toward understanding and treating your allergies is to know what you’re actually allergic to, and how severe your reaction is. With skilled allergy testing at MSAAC, you can get the answers you’re looking for, and you also get a partner in finding the right treatment plan for your needs.

At MSAAC, we utilize both skin testing and patch testing to help narrow down your allergies and allow our doctors to help you develop a treatment plan.

Some common allergies we help our patients deal with include:

  • Food, including shellfish, dairy, and peanuts

  • Dust

  • Pet dander

  • Ragweed or pollen

  • Latex

  • Medications

  • Fragrances

  • Metals

  • Preservatives

  • Hair dyes

  • Resins

  • Grass

  • Chemicals

Our team of knowledgeable allergy doctors has the tools and experience necessary to get you the answers you deserve. Schedule your appointment today!