Allergy & Asthma Clinic near Ocean Springs, MS

Living with allergies or asthma can be frustrating. It seems as if any change in weather conditions or your environment can set off your condition, and navigating your symptoms is a full-time job.

When you work with a team of specialists experienced in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of asthma and allergies, your life doesn’t have to revolve around your condition.

Our doctors have spent years in specialized education and training to put them at the top of their respective fields. They document your symptoms, run any tests they deem necessary, and work with you to develop a management plan that allows you to lead a life that isn’t focused on avoiding an allergy or asthma attack.

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Allergy Testing near Ocean Springs, MS

Sometimes, half the battle of managing your allergies is figuring out what causes them. Once you’ve noted all your symptoms, allergy testing helps you and your doctor more accurately pinpoint what you’re allergic to.

At MSAAC, we offer diagnostic allergy testing that allows us to find what triggers your allergies for a more comprehensive, effective management plan. Our allergy testing methods can help you determine what food, seasonal, or environmental substances cause your allergic reactions.

We offer two types of allergy testing: Skin testing and patch testing.

In skin testing, your doctor pricks your skin with a small plastic device that’s been dipped in an allergen. After 15 minutes, your doctor checks for a reaction. This method of testing is good for testing for food or environmental allergens with fairly quick reaction times.

Patch testing, on the other hand, is designed for delayed-reaction allergies, such as allergies to dyes or detergents. Your doctor places patches covered in an allergen on your back, where they’re left for 48 to 72 hours. You then return to the doctor’s office to have the patches removed and your skin evaluated for reactions.

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Asthma Doctors near Ocean Springs, MS

Coughing and wheezing are common symptoms of asthma, but you don’t have to go through life terrified of triggering an asthma attack.

Once you know what triggers your asthma, you can work on a plan to avoid or minimize these triggers, and determine the best method for managing attacks when they happen.

Some things you may see in your asthma treatment plan at MSAAC include:

  • Staying up-to-date on vaccinations for influenza and pneumonia

  • Identifying and avoiding triggers

  • Taking daily medications

  • Carrying an inhaler

  • Using a nebulizer regularly

  • Losing weight

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