Allergy and Asthma Clinic in D'Iberville, MS

Do allergies and asthma plague your life? Do you have to plan your days around your allergies? 

With the help of our expert providers at Mississippi Asthma and Allergy Clinic, you can discover relief from your symptoms. 

No one should have to spend their days fearing an asthma attack or allergic reaction. That’s why we do more than diagnose you: We create a comprehensive treatment plan as well. 

Our doctors are at the top of their field and have had years of experience with allergies and asthma. They listen to your symptoms, run any needed tests, and consult with you regarding their determinations to create an action plan for your diagnosis. We want to help you live a normal life that doesn’t include a daily fear of your symptoms. 

Conquer your allergies and asthma by scheduling an appointment with one of our providers today!

Allergy Testing in D'Iberville, MS  

Are you certain you’re having allergic reactions, but not certain what you’re allergic to? Do you know some things you’re allergic to, but fear that there are more? Here at MSAAC we provide allergy testing to help you discover the root of your symptoms. 

Whether you suffer from food, environmental, or seasonal allergies, we have specialized testing for it all! We do both skin testing and patch testing in our office. 

Skin testing is done two ways: Intradermal testing and prick testing. 

Prick testing involves pricking the skin with a small plastic device that has been dipped into the allergen. Intradermal testing involves injecting a small amount of allergen into the superficial layers of the skin. 

Both testing methods follow the same procedure post-exposure. The patient then waits for 15 minutes so the allergen can take full effect. The test is considered positive if there is swelling, redness, or itchiness.

Patch testing is another way to test for allergies and it specifically involves delayed reaction allergies. It involves taking patches covered in the allergen and placing them on the patient’s back for 48-72 hours. The patches are removed upon the return to the office and the skin is evaluated for an allergic reaction. 

All of our allergy testing is conducted in our offices by skilled allergists. Schedule your testing today!

Allergy Treatment in D'Iberville, MS

If you want relief from your allergy symptoms, come visit MSAAC. 

Our doctors have helped countless patients see relief from their allergies through different treatment methods. We offer sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy for allergies in hopes to provide you with allergy relief. 

Subcutaneous immunotherapy is also known as allergy shots. It involves injecting a small amount of allergen into the skin over a long period of time. Through tolerance building, the hope is that patients become less allergic over time. 

Typically, these shots occur weekly for 9-12 months, and then every few weeks for 2-5 years. After that time period, the effects are lasting, even after treatment ceases. It is available for allergies to ragweed, pollen, dust mites, and more!

Sublingual immunotherapy works similarly to subcutaneous therapy, but instead of shots, it involves oral tablets. The tablets are taken once daily for several years. It is offered for fewer allergens, but as new forms are approved, MSAAC aims to offer those!

To learn more about allergy treatments call us today!

Asthma Treatment in D'Iberville, MS

Are you constantly coughing, wheezing, and struggling for breath? Then asthma is likely the culprit. 

Unfortunately, asthma is not curable, but with the help of our premier doctors at MSAAC, you can make it livable. 

At our clinic we diagnose and treat asthma. We help design a plan for symptom reduction that is unique to you. 

To help reduce symptoms we may recommend: 

  • Staying up-to-date on vaccinations for influenza and pneumonia

  • Identifying and avoiding triggers

  • Taking daily medications

  • Carrying an inhaler

  • Using a nebulizer regularly

  • Losing weight

With help from our doctors, we are confident you can find relief from your symptoms and live a  normal life. Call today to schedule an appointment!